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How’s your attitude?

In our organization, attitude is everything. While we can’t always control what happens around us, we can control how we choose to respond. Throughout your life you’ll likely face challenges that may seem insurmountable. It won’t matter how many times you fall, but what will determine your success is how many times you pick yourself back up and keep going.

Being a part of our team means being a part of something bigger than yourself. We strive to foster a winning attitude along with an entrepreneurial spirit to help you achieve your best in both your professional and personal life.

Rapid promotion opportunities are readily available for those willing to work hard and go the extra mile. Winning is a habit in our organization. Our world class products and proven marketing process are a result of relentless innovation since 1914.

What’s it like to work here?

No two days are ever the same. Everyday will present its own unique challenges that make working here so much fun.

  • Have you ever had your co-workers or colleagues cheer for you when you achieve success on a work assignment?
  • Have you ever had your company pay for you to travel and stay at an all-inclusive 5 star resort for doing your part to help the team achieve it’s goals?
  • Do you want advancement opportunities based on your performance and not your length of service?

In our organization, we teach leadership and personal responsibility. Our company’s success is determined by how successful we’re able to help you become. We define our success by the forward movement towards excellence in our personal and professional lives.

What’s my earning potential?

We understand that money is certainly an important factor in choosing a career path. It’s also the reason we’ve invested a great deal of thought into our compensation programs.

While some companies still limit their workers earning opportunities based on a job title, we have integrated a performance based incentive culture to help you reach your financial objectives. This gives you a legitimate opportunity to earn far more than your peers when you attain specific levels of achievement. With bonus opportunities, incentive vacations, recognition, rapid advancement potential, and all of the other incentives we offer, it’s no wonder we can hardly control our enthusiasm.

What’s our recruiting process?

If waking up in anticipation of conquering today’s work challenges and working in a winning team atmosphere excites you, we’d love to hear from you. We’re constantly in search of qualified candidates to expand our team and help us grow to the next level. We’ve developed a long standing methodology for recruitment, and feel that it is best suited for those who are eager to succeed and begin a career path that can lead to a fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle.

  1. The first step to be considered for a role in our company is to fill out an interview request form on our career website.
  2. Once you have applied for a role in our company, you will receive an email and/or telephone call to confirm we have received your application. This will be reviewed by our recruitment team who will compare your application against criteria for the role and will work with the recruiting director to select a range of candidates who will be invited to interview.
  3. The next stage involves a formal interview with a member of our recruitment team. Depending on the role you have applied for there may be a range of technical, professional or psychometric tests used to assess your knowledge, skills and experience.
  4. If you are successful at this stage, we will give you a call to let you know and invite you in for an orientation session. If you haven’t been successful at the interview stage, we will try to provide feedback on your performance. Unfortunately, owing to the number of applications we receive, we cannot offer feedback to candidates who don’t make it to the interview phase.
  5. Once you’ve attended an orientation and accepted a role in our company, you will be placed into a training group to begin learning how to perform your duties.
  6. After you have completed your training, you will be assigned to a team leader who will continue to coach you and help you achieve your very personal best.

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best in pursuit of your perfect career!