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Who we are

Our company is a local distributor for a leading American manufacturer of home cleaning equipment and a related line of chemicals and supplies.

What we do

We sell home cleaning systems direct to consumers and businesses through a marketing methodology that has proven successful since 1914.

How we work

Our representatives meet one-on-one with existing and potential customers to help them find a solution that best suits their cleaning needs. Through this process our customers learn how they can save time and money by purchasing equipment that is built to last a lifetime and designed to protect their investment in flooring and furnishings.

How we pay

Some people buy and some don’t. This is okay, because the money that is saved on mainstream advertising costs allow us to compensate our representatives handsomely for successful purchase orders.

Since most people who begin a career with our company are new to our industry, we also provide a compensation program that allows for our reps to earn money for simply introducing the equipment to qualified, prospective customers while they develop their skills whether the customer buys or not.

The reason we provide this safety net while our reps develop their skills is because we never want our reps to feel pressured to make a sale in a manner that may be perceived as pushy by the customer. We believe our products are the very best of their kind on the market and we want our customers to buy because they absolutely love them.

How can we afford to do this? It’s simple, really. Many people who see what our equipment can do for them decide to place an order and remain loyal customers for generations to come and refer their friends and family.

In addition to earning commissions for successful purchase orders, we also have many incentives, bonus opportunities, and achievement awards for those who work hard and excel at their profession.

Incentive vacation trips

Throughout the year, our region sponsors numerous sales contests that our reps can earn prizes, money, and most importantly, all expense paid trips to exciting places. Our reps work hard, so we find it best to reward them with opportunities to play hard!

Some of the trips reps have been awarded include, Caribbean cruises, All Inclusive Luxury Resorts, Bahamas, Cancun, Las Vegas, and many exciting and exotic vacations. The best part about these incentive trips is that they are not limited to just the top performers. As long as you meet your minimum qualifications for your category, you’ll be rubbing elbows with all of the other winners throughout our region.

Your spouse or significant other is encouraged to join you on your earned incentive trip and in most cases their expenses are fully covered as well.

Rapid advancement opportunities

We realize that in order for our company to continue to prosper, we must constantly develop the next generation of leaders. We believe that the long-term success of our company is our ability to help others succeed.

In order to accomplish this, we provide ongoing teaching and education through office meetings, field training, videos, audio CD’s, and seminars. With this aggressive approach to leadership development, it opens the doors for rapid advancement opportunities for those who are willing to learn the necessary skills.

Our promotions to leadership positions come from within. We find that those who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in their entry-level position tend to perform better as leaders and allow us to continue to build a solid foundation from which we can continue to grow.

Leadership opportunities can include such duties as, sales team development, sales management, territory management, inventory management, recruiting, interviewing, training, conducting meetings, business operations, branch management, and even overseeing the everyday activities of your own distributorship.

Take the next step

After you have reviewed our career website and learned what a career with our company is like, we encourage you to request an interview with our recruiting director. If you are selected for a personal interview, you will meet in our local office to discuss the opportunities that are available and see what best fits your career goals.